Tech Town to “Power Startup Week Dayton”

08/01/2016—DAYTON, OH—A global initiative designed to support and encourage entrepreneurs will be launching in downtown Dayton this fall.
The first Dayton Startup Week will be held September 12-16 at Basecamp powered by Tech Town located at 444 E. Second Street, and—thanks to premier-level sponsors Wright State Research Institute, Ascend Innovations, and The Entrepreneurs Center—the event is completely free to attend.
The five-day event aims to help people succeed in starting and growing a business in the Dayton region. Core programming will revolve around launching a business, marketing and branding, technology, design and web development, funding a startup, food and beverage entrepreneurship, and building a workplace culture.
“Whether an attendee wants to open a bakery or launch a tech startup, we have them covered,” Dayton Startup Week organizer Tiffany Ferrell said. “Attendees will be able to participate in over 50 educational and inspiring sessions throughout the week, as well as capitalize on additional opportunities, such as mentoring, co-working, and casual networking.”
Attendees of this event can expect to see a wide variety of curated sessions ranging from “Roast Masters: A Caffeinated Discussion on the Business of Coffee” to “From Lab to Market: A Journey through Commercialization.”
“We’re excited to see Dayton Startup Week act as a catalyst for business growth in the region,” said Startup Week organizer John Owen. “Our goal is to create a more connected entrepreneurial community—one that is energized and inspired to take a chance and start something.”
The team responsible for planning Dayton Startup Week consists of John Owen and Tiffany Ferrell of the Wright State Research Institute, Charles Nick of The Wright Cup, Joe Harrison and Chris Seelbaugh of Virtuojo, Megan Gray of Marxent Labs, Ryan Clark and Carla Hale of The Scenery, and local angel investor Gayle Rominger.
To register for Dayton Startup Week events, visit
For more information, contact Tiffany Ferrell at or 937-705-1037.