Frequently Asked Questions (at) Tech Town

If you can’t find the answer to your questions below please feel free to contact, CityWide Development Co.’s Senior Vice President – Steve Nutt directly:

[rdm_divider_sh div_style=”short” div_type=”thin-solid-div” margin_top_value=”” margin_bottom_value=”” class=”” custom_color=””] [rdm_accordion_section] [accordion title=”What differentiates Tech Town from other office locations around the region?” id=”acc-1″]Tech Town is solely focused on technology-related businesses and the campus ecosystem is designed to encourage technology innovation through collaboration and commercialization support. [/accordion] [accordion title=”How do I learn more about campus networking events?” id=”acc-2″]Simply register as a “Tech Town insider” on this website or through social media. [/accordion] [accordion title=”My company is searching for a site to build a new corporate office/research facility. Are there sites on campus that are available for development?” id=”acc-3″]Yes, there are several prestigious sites that are designated for developers and/or businesses to build single-use facilities. [/accordion] [accordion title=”What are the long-term plans for campus?” id=”acc-4″]The Tech Town Master Plan calls for a total of 10-12 buildings on the 30 acre site. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Does the campus offer short-term space options with the flexibility to grow into larger space?” id=”acc-5″]Yes[/accordion] [accordion title=”Are there nearby restaurants and other amenities nearby?” id=”acc-6″]Yes, campus is located in a walkable environment that provides a variety of food options including more than a dozen lunch opportunities in the PNC Second Street Market, Brixx, Proto Build Bar, and the Engineers Club. There are more than 60 restaurants, coffee houses, and pubs located within a 5 minute drive from campus. The campus is also visited by several food trucks during warmer weather. [/accordion] [accordion title=”My technology company is looking for strategic partners. Is there a process or mechanism to help us interface with appropriate tenants on campus?” id=”acc-7″]Yes, one of the primary goals of campus management is to serve as a nexus that links tenants with outside expertise and market opportunities.[/accordion] [/rdm_accordion_section]