This competition is open to Dayton regional artists and engineers who work in all mediums and reside in the Greater Miami Valley (GMV). Artists may apply individually or can submit a collaborative team proposal, providing at least one artist resides within the community. Artists and/or tenants directly involved with Tech Town are welcome to participate.



The three winning submissions will receive a total budget of $1,800/ea., which includes all costs associated with the creation of the artwork concept, including but not limited to artist design fees, administration, engineering review, supply/material listing and coordination of 2-3 fabrication/installation quotes (See Stage 2 Requirements for more details). Tech Town will support and fund any efforts related to permits and/or installation permissions within the Tech Town premises during the second stage of this project.



The Tech Town campus is located on Monument Ave., between Webster and Keowee streets. The planned location for the sculpture is at street level, on the southwest corner of the campus (Corner of Webster St. and Monument). The exact location will be finalized in Stage 2 of the project. To accommodate accessibility considerations and to protect the sculpture, a plinth may be constructed to display the work.  

The planned location is approximately 10 ft wide and 10 ft deep, but more space can be accommodated within reason. There are no restrictions on height, other than budgetary and structural limitations.



The primary focus of this piece will need to be centered around technology, preferably representing a wide array of current and future technologies. Any choice of materials may be utilized in the production of your piece. Proposals should take into consideration the environmental and physical interactions that would affect public art, including but not limited to: weather changes, moisture and climatic cycles, sunlight exposure, and numerous audience interactions.



Dec 14, 2016  |  Stage 1 – Contest and Request for Qualifications announced

Jan 30, 2016  |  Closing date for Stage 1 submissions

Feb 1-15, 2017  |  Review of Stage 1 submissions;

Feb 15, 2017  |  Selection/notification of three winning submissions

Feb 16, 2017  |  Stage 2 begins – development of proposals by winning artists/teams

May 5, 2017  |  Closing date for Stage 2 proposals (5:00PM)

May 6-21, 2017  |  Review of proposals by advisory committees

Late-May, 2017  |  Jury review and selection of winning project

Jun 1 2017  |  Announcement of winning project

Jun-Jul 2017  |  Installation of artwork complete

There will be an opening celebration once the installation is complete!



Stage 1 is the request for initial ideas and concepts, where we welcome entries from GMV artists/engineers. These will be reviewed by Tech Town/Citywide staff and consultants who will select three short-listed artists to be invited to develop and submit detailed proposals. Artists will not be reimbursed for any costs related to Stage 1 submissions.

Stage 1 submission requirements:

  • One page letter of interest explaining general approach to the project and why this project is of interest
  • Detailed explanation of proposed artwork, including at least one illustration (preferably multiple angles)
  • Examples of past work (maximum of five) with descriptions and images (the samples presented can be in any media but three dimensional works would be most useful)


Submissions can be emailed or mailed to the following:

Email: Steve Nutt


Tech Town Artist Contest Submission

711 E Monument Ave., Dayton, OH 45402




The three short-listed artists (“Finalists”) will be contacted to participate in Stage 2, which involves developing a detailed proposal. After review by the advisory and technical committees for comments, the proposals will be submitted to an art expert jury, who recommend the preferred proposal. Short-listed artists will receive a proposal fee of $1,800 for their complete and compliant submission (upon completion).

Stage 2 submission requirements:

  • Detailed drawings or a maquette of the proposed artwork – include a detailed description of the artwork, dimensions (scaled drawings), and an estimated weight.
  • Quotes from 2-3 fabrication/installation vendors (can include self) which include delivery and installation details (including how the work will arrive at the Tech Town campus), an assessment of the durability, safety, and security of the artwork, a budget breakdown of fabrication costs, insurance, delivery and installation costs, contingency.*

    *Final fabrication/installation costs will ideally not exceed $7,500.00.



The winning artist will enter into an agreement with Tech Town based on current public art models. Tech Town reserves the right to terminate the contract (with or without cause) at any time.



The sculpture created for this project will be owned by Tech Town. The artist must guarantee that the artwork is original and does not violate the copyright of any other person.

The artist will retain copyright of the sculpture but will grant Tech Town the exclusive right to exhibit the work in perpetuity and the non-exclusive right to reproduce images or videos of the artwork for purposes such as marketing and promotion, documentation, education and for commercial broadcast purposes. Tech Town may carry out conservation and maintenance as deemed necessary to protect the artwork and the premises and reserves the right to move or deaccession the sculpture.


Click here to download a PDF version of these guidelines.